Montag, 20. August 2012

Welcome to the Reputation Economy

September 2012 issue of Wired magazine

Welcome to the new reputation economy, where your online history becomes more powerful than your credit history

By Rachel Botsman (Collaboration Consumption) 20 August 12 - Imagine a world where banks take into account your online reputation alongside traditional credit ratings to determine your loan; where headhunters hire you based on the expertise you've demonstrated on online forums such as Quora; where your status from renting a house through Airbnb helps you become a trusted car renter on WhipCar; where your feedback on eBay can be used to get a head-start selling on Etsy; where traditional business cards are replaced by profiles of your digital trustworthiness, updated in real-time. Where reputation data becomes the window into how we behave, what motivates us, how our peers view us and ultimately whether we can or can't be trusted.
By the end of the decade, a good online reputation could be the most valuable currency in your possession.
The new identity brokers:

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