Freitag, 16. März 2012

Why Thinking Wrong Will Change The World

Do shit that matters
If you look at some of these corporations like Coke, half the value of the company is brand value.

So my former company called C2 worked generally with larger organizations on helping them think wrong, brand strategy, and design projects. And, it was all fine. Because my partner Greg and I are both really interested in driving positive change, we thought: “Why don’t we just do this for companies and organizations that are doing something of value in the world?”
What we realized with COMMON was it was really focused on the social entrepreneur, helping generally young creative people who had great ideas about a social enterprise.

What we’re trying to do is disrupt the agency arrogance, “give us your project, we’re going to take it in our four walls, solve it and give it back to you.” No matter how big or good that agency is, it is going to be limited by the people and ways of thinking and structures within the agency. via PSFK

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