Mittwoch, 13. August 2008

Dance to save the planet

London's Bar Surya Is Billed as the World's First Eco-friendly Nightclub, is powered by a wind turbine and solar panels — fitting for a club named after the Hindu sun god. Eco-nightclub's high-tech floor generates electricity as people dance. Going green has never been more mainstream. Climate change was the hot topic at this year's G-8 summit, and now one London businessman is hoping that the new vogue for all things eco will translate into big bucks for his new venture. The furniture is recycled. But the biggest surprise is the dance floor, which is made of crystals. Charalambous, aka Dr. Earth, explained the system to ABC News. "As people dance, the crystals are pressed together, it creates a current, the current then powers the electricity which powers up the light, and the air conditioning," he said. BBC

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